Я Один, Against The Machine

by Beyond The Borders

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Welcome, 21st century digital boys and girls, ten years of sonic mutations of Beyond The Borders are in your ears and in front of your eyes now. A remarkable age for a DIY musical project! During these years BTB music and collective have changed a lot, but stayed hardwired to the core principles behind the noise.
So far is the most advance version of audio virus program created by resonances of sonic fields of social white noise in a total solitude of my Beton-beat laboratory. Carefully formed and sculptured by me and the voices in my head. The results led to unexpected discoveries, potential of those is immense. Now I only need to press ENTER and let it spread in the network. An everyone who will come across it on endless informatic fields and will look deep inside the structure and analyze it will be the next host to spread the virus.
But this condition is only true if you will be able to see through the code. Then at one moment you’ll realize that you are locked inside your own ghetto of consciousness, inside the cosy cage of invisible prison of your mind. Created by your plastic brain, formed and shaped by your culture. When you realize this, the process will be irreversible. Desire to see outside your cage will overwhelm you. Soon you will find a hole in the fence where to escape and start the game on the other side. You will realize that life is just a game, but when you play by the rules set not in your favor you will probably never win. On the other side you’ll have at least a chance.
You’ll see everything in a different light. Take a look around and see red rivers in the valleys of asphalt, glass peaks of capital cliffs, robocops protecting castles of corporate rulers, concrete clouds and electric sun heating up dust and toxins in the air. You will be surrounded by faceless bot-like-people emitting white static noise all around you. You will be surrounded by the mass in the global state of anomie. So crowded yet so lonely. You will be able to connect to them and go inside their ghettos and play the games there. Some of the them you will start to call your friends and pass the virus to them.
You will see the machine and realize that you are a part of
it and there is no way back. You will realize that all your dreams were just schemes of the machine. You will become terrified and will want to disconnect, rip of the wires and devices installed into your body. Rise against the machine! Or you will see the beauty of schematic connections and you will fall in love with the machine to become one. Just remember to play the game. Participate – don’t watch!


released March 28, 2015

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Beyond The Borders Rīga, Latvia

From punk scene to rave scene, from four piece band to one man army, from gas engines to bike powered tours, from Latvia across all Europe to Spain Beyond the Borders still is breaking the borders. Keeping it on, keeping it strong ten years long.

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