Time Will Come

by Beyond The Borders

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The time will come…

Time does not exist; the perception of time is fluctuating, blurred. There are no hours, no minutes, no seconds. It is just a mechanical invention of human kind, a means of measurement and control. Invented and elaborated to absolute perfection, installed as a part of our reality. Yes, we all feel time passing, going at a different pace in different moments of life. Eventually, time brings change.

Change, to a different state of mind/reality/life- evolution. I see many civilizations through history of human kind being born, rise and fall; our civilization is not an exception. We are not unique. The time will come. Now many feel it coming, the grand collapse/change. Will the change bring us to a better world or one far worse? Time will tell. We can try to control it, but there are so many things beyond our control.

I would like to see a new, better civilization arise from the collapse of the one mankind now knows. Where we could look above/beyond/past all the ideologies and free from the shells that separate our bodies, dividing us into groups and subcultures. I would like a more unified way of living, closer together, similar to tribal groups and with respect to all living organisms.

On some level we all are one. All are unified in space and time, yet we are still fighting against it. We will slowly realize it when we stop and think and imagine for a bit. Then, all the political and social systems will become useless, mechanisms of pointless labor will be jammed. No more wasteful production of food, no more raping of the land, no more factories, nor poisons. When people come to the realization that the paper lining their pockets is of no value, the monetary system presently utilized will crumble. When we realize that money is nothing more than means of control of reach that are dwelling in their glass castles, protected by faceless robocops. When we come to this realization, the illusion of freedom and democracy will disappear and the ugly truth of the dictatorship of capitalism and its money will appear.

The time will come!

Take a deep breath, feel your body – the grate biological machine capable of doing many incredible things.

Feel the world surrounding you with all its plants, creatures, and immortal rocks rising up from the earth, the hot burning sun in the sky, and its cold crystal clear water.

Exhale the air… The future is always perfect, but today is a gift, that is why it is called the present.

Your time is now!


released March 6, 2013




Beyond The Borders Rīga, Latvia

From punk scene to rave scene, from four piece band to one man army, from gas engines to bike powered tours, from Latvia across all Europe to Spain Beyond the Borders still is breaking the borders. Keeping it on, keeping it strong ten years long.

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Track Name: Chronic Hallucinations
Clock is a lock, time is money
Absolute truth – mathematical time
Wasting your time is a crime, is a deadly sin
Count me in this unified time
Fake, standardized dependency
Victory of machine society
Incurable illness of our reality

It’s just all chronic hallucinations

This day is a present
Tomorrow is perfect
Yesterday seems that never existed
Track Name: Under Nuclear Mushrooms
Under atomic mushrooms society hallucinates
Attack was made with high precision
Whole picture was stolen
Cycle will close behind our backs
Wave will cover, will put us to sleep, will calm us down
Nuclear spring will come, concrete will melt
On the remains of the past will be future born
Maybe then we’ll rest in peace

Tsunami will erase all our faces
While in front of you pictures are playing with colors

Recycle the world!
Resample! Reload!
Track Name: Money гони!!!
Gimme money, gimme money!

Like it or not
Everything is sold and bought
Like it or not
You will die, but money will stay

Dollars and euros, dollars and euros – this is a nice belief (religion)
Don’t hesitate, join us.
Everything has its’ cost, shred your ass until it’s late
After you can take a nice shit in VIP WC
Oh Yes! This is the life!
You’re ready for everything to get some money
Fall on your knees like everyone else
Sacred money is spinning the earth

5000 – 1000000 – 5000!

Virtual money!

Paper without any value, but with a status
You even did not notice how you been cheated
Slaved buy justice

Look in the mirror! How much do you cost?
Dollar signs in your eyes – check it out!
Mind is only set on one thing, how to make cash!
And how to make shit out of food!
Drop on all your four! Spread your ass cheeks wider!
You’re always on the air, ATM is your best enemy
Everything costs something and your place will take others
But asking for even more!
Track Name: Biomotor
Sound system is blasting right in my ears
Favorite songs injecting in my soul
What’s going on around? – can’t hear a thing!
Pedaling like hell – losing my mind

The descent is good and wind in the back
Accelerating faster not thinking bout a thing
Tears from my eyes, foam from my mouth
Just a little bit and I’ll reach a hundred!

Crunchy biscuits with a chocolate
Pour in cocoa add some condensed milk
I’m not a sweet tooth, I’m not obsessed with food
Just pure calories for my bio-engine
Track Name: Pulse
It’s all pulse – look for the plus
Feel your pulse – see the plus

After climbs always will be descents
After love - hangover
After heroine – will be left only withdrawal
Whatever you do!

Speakers are moving you dynamically
Sinus wave added more bass
Everything is cool, life’s a peachy
Shake your head, it could be forever!
Inversion, diversion, loosing out
Next dusk, not your format
Apparatus, system, another problem
Everyday and until the end it’s like that
Go through shit – discover happiness
Fall down and get up again – laugh and cry
Experience – next level forever
Every day it goes on and on
Pulsation of the pulse – la vida es dulce
It’s not empty here, it’s full of everything
I like pulsation of pulse
This party continues with a plus sign!

You must accelerate through your life
Not to stop on the bottom!
Track Name: NONSTOP People
Non-Stop people!
Will make you free
Non-Stop people!
Come on! Come on!
Non-Stop people!
Come on one more!
Non-Stop people!

Feels so good!

We don’t see further than our nose
We go where our leader goes
Our leader is pack of money
Shopping mal and fancy car

24 hours per day
Working hands to the bone
Developing economics
Rising life standarts